Pilson Auto Center of Charleston

We know you've heard it all before. “Buy from us and we’ll treat you like family”. Then when you walk on the lot a group of sales sharks school around you waiting for blood and ready to move in for the kill. 
We mean it here at Pilson Auto Centers. We don’t promise to treat you like our brother, sister, aunt or uncle but we do promise to help you find the right vehicle to meet your needs; at a price you can afford and that will fit your budget. We’ll treat you with the respect and courtesy you deserve and the "We Try Harder, What Ever It Takes. That’s Our Promise!

You've Made Mistakes In The Past...And Can't Get Approved For A Car Loan 

One of the reasons we've been successful over the years is because we've built and maintained strong relationships with forgiving lenders all around the country. We know which banks can help with certain credit situations...so we can match your application with the bank or banks that are most likely to approve you. I'm calling this my "For the People Credit Approval Process" and I am certain it's more effective than any other approach out there.


My goal this month is 100% approval of all applicants! Wouldn't that be amazing?


So there it is...that's my plan. What do you think? Do you think it will work? 

Here's what you need to do next: come see us in person at Pilson Auto Center or call us ahead to set up an appointment in Mattoon at (217) 234-6461 or in Charleston at (217) 345-3673.